MABC Tournaments Now On BBO

Wwith Alert Level 4 continuing  Mt Albert Bridge Club has extended their bubble virtually.

How to join the tournament on BBO

Club members who have not registered should register their BBO username by clicking the register button below so that they will have access to this members only tournament.

This will be a pairs tournament, so you will need to organise a partner. If you are a singleton, there is a partnership desk, described below.

Events become visible no earlier than 120 minutes before the start time. Log into BBO well before 6:30pm on Thursdays, and select Competitive and then All Tournaments. Look for a tournament named “PCBC Tuesday” on Tuesdays and  “Mt Albert PCBC Thursday” on Thursdays with the date.

To register for the tournament your partner needs to be on-line. Click on the tournament name in the Title column (not the host name). You will be asked for your partner’s BBO username, and your partner will see an invite pop up. Alternatively, if you don’t have a partner, after clicking on the tournament, click the Partnership Desk option near the top of the screen, and click the ‘Add your name’ button.

When the tournament starts, you are automatically transported into the tournament from whatever else you might be doing on BBO.

The tournaments kick-off automatically at the designated time. There is no discretion for the Director to delay the start. Don’t be late!